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What is it?
At our banner material of choice is a high quality coated soft ‘fabric’ like flexible PVC where the base scrim consists of high strength and low shrink polyester fibres to withstand strong winds and impact use. Banners can be manufactured to any size as printed sections can be stitched or welded to form a larger image or custom finished with pockets to secure to scaffolding. Ideal for both indoor and short term outdoor use. Depending on the specific use, customers will use either a smooth banner e.g hoarding signage or a perforated

mesh banner in the case of a large

building banner.

Coated 510gsm Smooth PVC or

270gsm Perforated Mesh from €25.00/sq ft
Colours: White - Matt Finish
Sheet Size: Any size


Do I need planning permission for my sign?
In a nutshell, yes! Basically the fact a banner is considered temporary and the signage in question will most likely be short term for promotional purposes will not be sufficient argumnet to secure to construction site infracture without correct approval from the relevant county board. Contact the local authority for their guidelines and exemptions.


Large building wrap banner Hoarding Signage

Banner Installation, should the customer fit themselves

Yes, in the case of a simple banner at a resonable height from the ground, however the proposed location of a large building wrap (tiled mesh banner) will require a number of issues for consideration.

a) It's essential that an experienced sign fitting team is engaged to access the risks and ensure the banner is secured safely to the building site infrastructure.

b) When height equipement is required, a survey would be recommended by an expert sign fitting team in adance of installation date.

c) If a road is to be closed to facilities height hire equipement a permit from local City Council may also be required for a fee.

d) Planning permission will need to be obtained.

e) A banner is temporary  solution and can be dislodged in high winds, should this occur action must be taken immediatly to correct.


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