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Builder Begging Board

What is it?
Promote your business name and services while you work on site. The most powerful marketing is a customer referral, a ‘Begging Board’ or 4ft x 4ft corriboard positioned in public view at a work site adds real credibility to your business. This popular sales tool is one of those simple cheap and cheerful sales aids. Starting from €24.99* your guaranteed a return on investment. Generally a company logo with bullet points and contact details are included. It is a short term material so expect to replace within a short period, depending on use and storage method.

The corriboard can be erected on hoardings, railings or positioned

in a window.  


Thickness: 6mm
Colour: White 
Sheet Size:

4ft x 4ft (1220mm x 1220mm) from €24.99


Builders begging board on site fence Hoarding Signage

Railings, Walls, Buildings, Hoarding, 
(Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface)


Call now  01 8623852 to place an order today.

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