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Professional Graphic Design Service

There is nothing our team of graphic designers love more than a giant blank canvas. Our sign design experts use their experience and skill transforming text, logos and imagery into a show stopping professional bill boards guaranteed to maximise impact.

How do you start the design project?  

Step 1 . Measurements – Customers can supply drawings or measurements to start the design process. This allows us to set the canvas. It’s crucial the dimensions are accurate as each panel will be carefully prepared for print to create a giant jigsaw.

Step 2 . Design Brief – In order to provide an initial design our designers need 

b)    Logo / slogans / existing brochures – to grab pantones, fonts, text and messaging to ensure all communication relating to the build project  is delivered in a consistent tone and style
c)    Provide a design brief – Who is the target market, what is the key messaging, which images should we use, do you have anything important that must be included, how limited is our designers...this can

be done over a coffee on site,

in our offices or yours.

Step 3.  Design Stage -  Initially two design concepts will be produced within a week of the design brief, once a direction is chosen this will be developed in detail and can be finalised with the client. We welcome customers to our design studio working with the designer directly so changes are instant and you can actually see the design unfold and be part of the process. Once approval is confirmed via email, standard lead times are generally 3-5 working days. Should an express service be required this can be facilitated in most cases.

Call our customer care team 01 8623852 

Graphic Design is limitless, with all new design effects anything is possible.  A hoarding can be transformed from boring timber structure into a professional or dramatic eye-catching visual; customers are only limited by their imagination. 


Please enquire and find more about our installation services. 01 8623852 

Hoarding Signage Design Flyfit
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