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What is hoarding signage?

Indoor Apologetic Signage

What are the benefits of hoarding signage?
Apart from the fact that It is a requirement for the safety and security of the site whilst under construction, It has also become an

extremely popular form of advertising. It is a very cost effective method of advertising and your message will get maximum

exposure to a vast amount of people.

Hoarding signage is a temporary fence erected around a building that is either going under repair or construction. 



Hoarding Logo Board 4 x 1
In the circumstance when a full length panel isn’t deemed necessary on a hoarding structure, often the hoarding will be painted a specific RAL and a 4ft x 1ft Corriboard printed with a the relevant building company branding is used sporadically or on each panel to create a) brand awareness b) a professional image c) avoid the eye sore of a traditional hoarding. The logo boards are fixed to the upper section of the hoarding to which is a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid 
Thickness: 5mm
Colour: White 
Sheet  Size : 4ft x 1ft (1220mm x 315mm) from €9.50
Suitable:  Railings, Walls, Buildings, Hoarding, 
(Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface)




Corriboard Panel 8 x 4
Corriboard is a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid. As it accepts all inks perfectly and is very cost effectives it’s the ideal product when a printed full colour hoarding wall is required for short term outdoor signage. 
Thickness: 5mm
Colour: White 
Sheet Size: 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) from €36.00
(Also available in 5ft x 10ft (1500mm x 3050mm) from €59.00
Suitable: Railings, Walls, Buildings, Hoarding, 
(Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface)




Development Signage
Majestically positioned at the entrance to any building site,characterised by vibrant colours with computerised imagery.  The ultimate sales tool used to create that first impression and attract prospective buyers.  Constructed from 2.5mm mill finish aluminium plates with aircraft grey paint and channelling system on the reverse to secure to appropriately sized galvanised poles using anti-rotational Mill finish stainless steel bracket. Available in numerous combinations from 8ft x 4ft to much larger sizes, generally budget and space available will be determining factors in deciding on size. A slightly less expensive alternative can be constructed from treated timber. provides full design, manufacture and expert installation service.

Thickness: 2.5mm
Colour: Mill finish aluminium
Sheet Size: 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) from €495
Suitable: Highly recommend that an engineer provides the exact specification where large scale signage greater than 16ft x 8ft is planned to take into account height from ground and wind speeds to determine the load and ensure the correct diameter poles are used. 

(Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface)


What are the different types of hoarding signage available?



Metal Composite 8 x 4
3mm composite sheet material is a combination of two (.2mm) aluminium outer layers permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core resulting in an exceptionally strong yet light weight super smooth high gloss (or matt reverse side) sheeting. Ideal for flat applications both short term and long term, indoor and outdoor.
Non Fabrication Grade .2 Skin - Outer Aluminium Skin 
Polyethylene core - 3mm
Thickness:    3mm 
Colours:     White m
Sheet Size:    8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) from €89.00/ 10ft x 5ft (3050mm x 1500mm) from €125.00




Our banner material of choice is a high quality coated soft ‘fabric’ like flexible PVC where the base scrim consists of high strength and low shrink polyester fibres to withstand strong winds and impact use. Banners can be manufactured to any size as printed sections can be stitched or welded to form a larger image or custom finished with pockets to secure to scaffolding.  Ideal for both indoor and short term outdoor use. Depending on the specific use, customers will use either a smooth banner or a perforated mesh banner.

Grades: Coated 510gsm Smooth PVC or 270gsm Perforated Mesh from €25.00/sq ft
Colours:  White  - Matt Finish
Sheet Size: Any size



Begging Board
Promote yourself while you work, the most powerful marketing is a customer referral, a ‘Begging Board’ or 4ft x 4ft Corriboard positioned in public view at a work site adds real credibility to your business. This popular sales tool is one of those simple cheap and cheerful sales aids. At €45* your guaranteed a return on investment. Generally a logo with bullet points and contact details are included. It is a short term material so expect to replace within a 3-6 month period. The corriboard can be erected on hoardings, railings or position in a window.  

Thickness: 6mm
Colour: White 
Sheet Size: 4ft x 4ft (1220mm x 1220mm) from €9.50
Suitable: Railings, Walls, Buildings, Hoarding, 
(Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface)



Apologetic signage
Is the term given to construction site signage that informs customers / passing traffic as to the purpose of the development usually hidden behind a building site hoarding. It’s a great opportunity during a refurbishment to create excitement for an upcoming launch date or to encourage interest for a new housing / office development. Apologetic construction signage can take the form of self adhesive printed graphics applied directly to a building site hoarding or more commonly through the use of corriboard panels.  In most cases the messaging would not fill the entire hoarding rather take the form of temporary sign panels positioned intermittently along the exterior wall of the building site to guarantee the message has been received loud and clear from all angles.


Why choose Corriboard over Composite for hoarding?                    

Key difference is cost! Corriboard sheets printed with a vibrant full colour designs are 60% less in cost than the high gloss composite metal panel alternative. Keep in mind you pay for what you get; Corriboard is a matt material with its fluted structure creating a ribbed surface which is visible when compared to the metal composites very smooth surface.

Why choose Composite over Corriboard?
When appearance is of upmost importance the high gloss perfectly smooth composite metal panels deliver a beautifully finish that will tile seamlessly to form the perfect image. There is a noticeable difference when compared to corriboards matt fluted structure creating a ribbed surface. Secondly metal is more durable due to its high rigidity and excellent weather resistance. But keep in mind composite is 60% more expensive than the popular corriboard.


How to order your Hoarding Signage in 3 easy steps

1)    Arrange a survey with our sales team to discuss your objectives and the scale of the proposed signage project who will in turn prepare a quote for your approval
2)    Once signage plan in place and costs approved the next step involves outlining the design brief providing key information such as high quality images, logos, text content for our designer to provide visuals for your approval
3)    When signage design is approved the artwork is printed to the material agreed with a general lead time of 2-3 working days. We can offer a full installation service or we are happy to offer delivery nationwide.

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