Metal composite hoarding panel

Metal Composite 

8 x 4 

What is it?
3mm composite sheet material is a combination of two (.2mm) aluminium outer layers permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core resulting in an exceptionally strong yet light weight super smooth high gloss (or matt reverse side) sheeting. Ideal for flat applications both short term and long term, indoor and outdoor.

Non Fabrication Grade.2 Skin - Outer Aluminium Skin 
Polyethylene core - 3mm
Thickness: 3mm 
Colours: White 
Sheet Size:    

8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) from €89.00 /

10ft x 5ft (3050mm x 1500mm) from €125.00


Why choose composite aluminium over corriboard for short term hoarding?

When appearance is of upmost importance the high gloss perfectly smooth composite metal panels deliver a beautiful finish that will tile seamlessly to form the perfect image. There is a noticeable difference when compared to corriboards matt fluted structure creating a ribbed surface. Secondly metal is more durable due to its high rigidity and excellent weather resistance. But keep in mind composite is 60% more expensive than the popular corriboard.


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