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Professional Printing Service

At (a signarama co) we get very excited about printing, with continuous advancements in print technologies we’ve watched the market closely to make the right investments to stay at the cutting edge to deliver superior quality at competitive pricing. We now offer a complete green ink solution for our environmentally conscience customers along with traditional solvent based inks. Our newest investment with HP the leading large format print manufacturer was in our flat bed printing which has enabled to print direct onto almost any rigid/flexible media up to 2.5 (in 64mm) producing up to 199 ft2 /hr

(18.5 m2 /hr)

HP Flatbed printer
  • We’ve expanded our capacity – no order to big!

  • Latest ink technology guarantees superior print quality. 

  • Flatbed direct printing increased the speed of production - so reducing

       lead times. 

  • We’ve passed on our reduced production costs to deliver great prices to our customers.


With the capability to produce 1 x 8ft x 4ft panel in 10mins we are leading the field in hoarding signage.


Please enquire and find more about our installation services. 01 8623852 

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