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What are the Legal Requirements for Safety Signage on a construction site?

Safety sign on site fence

Review the Health and Safety Authority website before starting a review


Health and safety on your construction site is expected to be a top priority with legal requirement in place to enforce it.  Its a challenging exercise but with a legal and moreal responsibility its an essential task for any employer.

Site safety signage plays a vital role in communicating safety information regardless of native language which will in turn reduce or eliminate the risks posed to employees, visitors, sub-contractors and the general public. The main aim of the system of safety signs is to draw attention immediately to objects and situations capable of causing hazards. The Guide to Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 advise; where there is a risk at a workplace because of traffic movements or traffic and pedestrian interaction, appropriate signs regulating traffic and pedestrian movements should be put in place in accordance with any other legislation specifically regulating transport by road, water, rail or air. Regulation 161 states that all employees must be provided with information and instruction on measures to be taken and on the meaning of safety signs and signals used. Schedule 9 recommends some general requirements 

Safety signs and their meanings

All safety signs used must comply with design principles that include a
1)    Colour-coding system 
2)    Geometric shapes.

Permanent signboards should be used for
1)    Prohibitions
2)    Warnings
3)    Mandatory requirements 
State the location of
1)    Emergency exits
2)    First-aid facilities
3)    Fire-fighting equipment should be marked with a permanent signboard or colour.




Ask yourself
1)    What is Prohibited on site 
2)    What risk present require clear Warnings 
3)    What risk present require mandatory equipment 

4)    Have we stated clearly the location of all
5)    Emergency exits
6)    First-aid facilities
7)    Fire-fighting equipment 
8)    Is there a risk of falling or colliding with an object 
9)    Are the construction site traffic routes permanently marked with a safety colour


Please give us a call at 01 8623852 and request information on safety signage for a construction site.

All signage can be custom made with company logos.


Where there is a risk of falling or colliding with an object it must be marked with a signboard or safety colour or both. 
Traffic routes must be permanently marked with a safety colour



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