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Blank Hoarding, nothing but a lost opportunity?

Having blank hoarding means you’re losing out on an incredible marketing opportunity, it’s the most cost effective form of advertising when compared to print, radio, outdoor and TV advertising, it’s a marketing dream essentially you have meters and meters of ‘free’ billboard space! Create suspense and a little drama to get locals talking, or go with big vibrant images of your proposed site.

It is advised by the HSA that hoarding is erected around developments to prevent unauthorised access and to aid in dust and noise suppression. Particularly on street-side works, suitably designed and constructed hoarding should be erected to secure construction work. Alternative arrangements must be put in place to ensure that normal pedestrian and public vehicular traffic is not put at undue risk as a result of any changes made.


  • One off cost – Guaranteed ROI (return on investment)

  • No time constraints

  • Highly visible

  • Not limitations to content

  • The only limit to creativity is your own imagination

  • Opportunity to promote and maximise sales

  • Aesthetics - forges good relations with neighbours and local businesses

Printed Panels are useful for both residential and commercial developments.

For residential builds, it is very useful for small to medium sized builders to promote themselves, you can get a 4ft x 1ft logo board printed and put that over painted timber. Recently there has been a movement towards more aesthetically pleasing hoarding and we recommend going one step further, why not add and 8ft by 4ft hoarding signage panels with high quality images. By creating a billboard from hoarding signage you are going to generate new business and sale leads.

For commercial builds, it is the most cost effective way to promote your commercial site. This marketing strategy is very common in the UK and Europe which in turn promotes interests and leads. You can have futuristic images of your proposed development with contact details for sales enquiries, along with promoting the construction company that is looking after the build. If you’re utilising the blank canvas that is just screaming a marketing dream. Having high quality images of the proposed build also creates a buzz.

For both residential and commercial builds, having aesthetically pleasing hoarding signage creates good neighbour relations and gives your company a good image, which will generate sales.

We have both temporary and long lasting hoarding signage solutions.

For short term hoarding needs we recommend corriboard, it is a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid. As it accepts all inks perfectly and is very cost effectives it’s the ideal product when a printed full colour hoarding wall is required for short term outdoor signage.

Short-term hoarding

For long term hoarding needs we recommend and 8ft x 4ft metal hoarding panels, we use 3mm composite sheet material, it is a combination of two (.2mm) aluminium outer layers permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core resulting in an exceptionally strong yet light-weight super smooth high gloss (or matt reverse side) sheeting. Ideal for flat applications both short term and long term, indoor and outdoor.

Long-term hoarding

If you want to go further with your commercial development, why not have a development sign? Development signs are great to use in conjunction with hoarding signage. The development sign will be able to promote all those who are involved in the development from the developer to the engineers along with contact details so it will generate business for all involved.

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