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Tips for Vehicle Graphics and Advertising

Vehicle graphics are a great way to get your business message to a huge audience, in a fast and cost-effective way.
Of all, it's money well-spent. Vehicle graphics are less expensive than other types of advertising and they reach a wide-ranging audience. People notice vehicle graphics, even if it's subtle. Outdoor Advertising Magazine conducted a poll of which 99% of those surveyed said that mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising (billboards).


If you are considering vehicle advertising for your business, here are some tips and advertising options: 


Consider your message. What do you want to say with your vehicle add? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Or is it more important to get your phone number out to potential customers? Think about the importance of a slogan and make sure it's visual enough to be seen quickly. You want to make sure to keep your advertising goal narrow and focused with vehicle ads. Vehicle advertising allows you to get your message out to many people, but the amount of time they get to see your ad will be limited. There is a five-second rule with vehicle graphics and advertising. That's the amount of time you have to make an impression in the mind of a consumer.

That time may be even less for a vehicle travelling on a motorway, so prioritize.


If you already have an established brand with a slogan, logo and fonts, stay true to that brand. Incorporate all those trusted graphics into your vehicle graphics. Think about the proper placement of logos and other design elements. An established brand gives you an advantage.

Vehicle Branded with Creatively Designed Printed Graphics Includes Colour Image
Vehicle Branded with Creatively Designed Printed Graphics
Vehicle Graphics_Reflective & Floresent _Daylight
Vehicle Graphics_Reflective & Floresent Night Time
Heavily Branded Van with Reflective Stripping and Logo in Vinyl
White Vehicle Full Wrap Printed Graphics_edited
Vehicle Partial Wrap with Red Cast Vinyl Graphics onto White Vehicle
Vehicle Partial Wrap with Orange  Cast Vinyl Graphics onto White Vehicle
Vehicle Graphics_Vinyl Logos on to Jeep
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logo & Bullet Points
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logo with Floresent Back Doors
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logo
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logos on to Jeep
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logos with Reflective Strip
Vehicle Graphics_Very Basic Decals
Vehicle Graphics_Simple Decal Logo & Bullet Points 2 Colours
Vehicle Graphics_Reflective & Floresent
Vehicle Graphics_Reflective & Floresent Daylight
Vehicle Graphics_Printed Product Image
Fleet Branding_Vinyl Graphics
Vehicle Branded with Printed Product Images
Vehicle Partial Wrap with Printed Cast Vinyl Graphics
Vehicle Graphics_Mirrored Vinyl Graphics

There are specific types of vehicle graphics to choose from. Wrap advertising is the process of completely or partially covering your vehicle with a design graphic. Wraps can transformer a vehicle into a true moving billboard with lots of color and brand placement logos. A full wrap means the vehicle will be covered in vinyl and graphics. The design placement is so complete, the color of the vehicle really doesn't matter. The color or the vehicle itself will be mostly covered in graphics. A partial wrap is still effective for a vehicle graphic. The graphics are just contained to specific areas of the vehicle.


Window perforation can also be used with vehicle wraps. It's a particular material that can be applied to windows, using tiny holes to provide visibility. 


Spot graphics are "stand-alone" graphics that are placed on various location on a vehicle. The spot graphic will often display the business logo and contact information for the business.


Vinyl lettering can be great for business names, numbers and web addresses. The combination of vinyl lettering and spot graphics can help deliver information and brand recognition in a vehicle ad.


Role of vehicle wrapping in your business

If you are looking for a completely new look for your vehicle that will act as a mobile billboard and draw the maximum amount of attention to your business, then auto wrap advertising is the way to go! It offers an easy, effective and economical way to highlight your brand.

Advantages of using a vehicle wrap

Drastically increases the business
according to the research, moving billboards on vehicles draw the attention of as much as 91% of the people on the road. These mobile advertisement machines effectively use the eye-catching colors and dynamic designs that you choose.

Very light on the pocket
Vehicle wraps fall very light on the pocket. With no recurring ad-space fees, these moving billboards constantly increase impressions and thereby offer incredible value for money. Undoubtedly, vehicle wraps provide a remunerative business.

Extremely eye-catching
With the utilization of high-quality vinyl graphics wraps and attractive designs, B2B Media, Inc. has become a brand for car wraps. The people who work here undergo rigorous training in designing and installation to handle sophisticated vehicle wrap designs.

Easy to manage
The beauty of vehicle wraps lies in the fact that there is practically no effort to convey your message to the target audience. It is very powerful in casting a long-lasting impression. Moreover, it quite easy to install, remove or change the auto wrap with a little expert help. Most of the companies providing auto wraps have their own installation team who can manage

on-site installation projects of any size.

Easy installation
Installation of vehicle or car wraps hardly takes a day or two depending on the intricacy of the design. The estimated time is provided to the customer at the time of accepting the assignment and the installation is done according to convenience of the customer.

Protection of vehicles' exterior
Wraps act like a shell for the vehicle as it protects the vehicle from UV rays and also protects the paint of the vehicle. Your car's OEM paint can last longer by using graphics wraps.

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